Paid Surveys Cash Secrets Revealed

Paid Surveys Cash Secrets

  these are Closely Guarded Secrets

as a matter of fact...

And they'll Earn You Money

It is a business opportunity many people around the world have utilized and benefited many times over. The secrets about it, I’m going to reveal to you in this blog free and when I say free I mean TOTALLY FREE! I don’t need your money,
what I want is you your success in all your internet business endeavors that’s the reason why Online-Moneygenerator was created to provide you money making info and tips and all for FREE!

The rate at which many are languishing on the net is very alarming, and it’s all due to lack of information and not applying it right. Somebody’s got to do something about it because we are all here for each other. Then I observed the reason why… Useful information is not free... And if it is, it is very hard to find, so I said, I want to help. I want to help anybody out there who wants valuable information and if it is in my possession I’ll not hesitate to give it to him to succeed in his worthwhile internet business endeavor. We’re all here for each other. Do you know that you can earn up to $150 by employing 1hr of your time everyday doing genuine legitimate online surveys?

What about $4,500 consistently every month? Yes you can, and while I tell you this many whom I know is making $500 per month, $2,500 per month working with paid surveys for 2-4hrs a week and 2-5hrs a week respectively, and consistently too and even more with a couple of little little secrets which I want to let you know about.

Welcome to online-money-generators. In this blog, I’m going to reveal to you insider tips and valuable info which you can apply immediately to start earning yourself a substantial income from market research companies, focus groups or opinion panels just by spending 10mins, 20mins or 1hr of your time at your own breathing pace, and the most exciting thing about It all is that they’re FREE to join, yes totally FREE! It is now that the wise saying “Time is money” can be fully understood.

All you need do is follow me step by step through this short tutorial on what paid survey is all about and learn how the masters do it and succeed. I strongly advise that you go through the tutorial thoroughly if you are a newbie so that you can have a proper understanding of what this paid survey thing is all about but if you are on it already just go for the info you need and utilize it.

Now, What Is This Paid Survey Thing?

In a nutshell, a paid survey is a service or product evaluation information from consumers that is paid for by market research companies who want to improve more or stay number one in their product and service quality.

What is a market research company?

These are 1000s of companies online who offer service or product survey opportunities to interested and registered consumers and pay such consumers for the time spent doing the survey. They require consumers to register with them, and then they set up free accounts for the registered consumers and send surveys to their respective e-mails which the registered consumer undertakes and gets paid for it. Their payments range from $10 for a 5mins survey $20 for a 10mins survey and up to $150 for a1hr survey. These price ranges can be higher depending on the company and length or time each survey takes.

Why In The World would A Company Pay people Just To Get Their Opinions?

For companies to give their best and stay on top they need to know what consumers want so that they can have the traffic they desire and become fulfilled. But to be able to give consumers what they want you need to know what consumers want and that kind of information to be exact, can only come from consumers because they best know where the foot itch in the shoe and why better than the shoemaker! Companies know that such information is very valuable and will save them lots and lots of money and also make them lots of money too but it is not easy to come by! So they put the paid survey offer up for consumers to attract their favour, for their access, and for free. 
NEED TO COMPENSATE THE BEE! Companies know that at the end of it all the honest information consumers give about their product or services will aid them improve on it and finally increase sale and eminence.

Just in the US alone companies spend over 250 billion dollars a year trying to convince people to buy their products and services. That’s much money. Majority of the money is spent on advertising and a part is devoted to consumer demand research to understand why people purchase certain products of certain brands, designs, and quality, and why they prefer one to the other with the hope that the information gathered will help them to improve greatly and it sure does! So they consult the opinions of consumers and pay them for it. Online survey companies are all over the world and are free to join by anyone who wants to earn a living online but you need to be wary there are sharks out there but never worry Online-MoneyGenerators is here to guide you and steer your ship away from treacherous waters for you to succeed safely.

Is This a scam?

No! Paid survey opportunities are pure and legal, and they’re free for anyone that wants to earn an income online through it. What makes a program a scam are the motive, person and illegal ideology behind the program. But paid survey is based on a pure motive from reliable companies, and it’s legal, yet, we can’t rule out the possibility of being scammed. To make sure you’re not scammed in any way I’ve taken pains to search and provide you with information on the best companies that offer genuine and highly paid surveys though they’re not that much but they’ll get you up and going very smoothly. Also I’ve made sure that they bear the VERISIGN or The authentication sign and logo for extra proof of the company’s authenticity and scam free.

How to participate in paid surveys and make your opinion earn you substantial money: STEP BY STEP APPROACH

Step 1: Obtain The Basic Requirements

To register with paid survey companies, focus groups or product evaluation panels you need: a computer, internet access, and valid e-mail account

Cyber cafes provide you with computer and internet access if you cannot provide one. Yahoo!, Msn, or Google offer free e-mail accounts which you can avail yourself of.
Step 2 : Register With At Least 300 M.R.Cs
Don’t be scared! You don’t need to search for them, the search has already been done for you by people on the web, and is all neatly put in what is called a database some of these online survey databases require a one time membership fee of $30 to $47 to be paid to the owners before you can you can access the survey companies that give the paid survey. They search for these survey companies online and as you can understand it’s not an easy task, so, they require a little fee as compensation for all the work. There are a lot of such databases online but the ones I recommend are

  • vindale
  • surveysavvy
  • Toluna

They’re all top databases and offer superb state of the art member support, web functionality, free softwares all tailored to help you succeed. Top-dollar is best of the two offering the lowest membership fee of $34.45 with lots of customer support, freebies.
If you can’t afford the paid ones you can avail yourself of the free survey databases that are available online however care needs to be taken with these so called free databases, free might not mean to be totally free however the following ones are free and genuine too;

  • points2shop
  • ipsos
  • ipoll
  • crowdology
  • pollbuzzer

Step 3: Elaborate On Your Consumerism

Elaborate on your life experiences as a consumer and your level of consumerism when registering with market research companies.
This is very important as this improves your chances greatly of receiving high paid surveys. They utilize this information to qualify you for their research projects. Open up, answer or fill the survey questionnaire forms with the best consumer demand tip you can think of. You don’t need to be an orator just be exact and accurate in the information you fill in the form.

Step 4: Check Your Emails Daily

This is very important. You need to check your emails at least once everyday for surveys sent to you so as to do them so that they don’t expire and you lose that money making opportunity. At first the surveys will come trickling then as time goes it starts to pour in. You need to keep your mails clear so that you can receive mails. Some of the surveys are filled in the company’s website while some are sent to your email box. Find out to know where each company will send your surveys and access them there. Survey lost is money lost

Step 5: Receive Your Payments

This is the most important part as you would like to receive your payments successfully without problems. These survey companies’ offer different payment options on how you can receive your payments which you have to choose from. You could choose to be paid through paypal, bank check or wire transfers.

You should choose a payment option that best suits you. You can call them on the phone and discuss it over with them and see if it works. If you choose to be paid via snail mail that’ll be very risky cus you stand the chance of losing your money to thieves. Courier services are better and a lot safer since such money transfer options are registered.Paypal is not available world wide AND I don't suggest you should patronize their service if your country is not accepted with them you'll lose your hard earned cash and get it frozen

 If you don’t want to paid via the above mentioned payment options, you can register online with a third party payment option using virtual address systems

And open a personal buy online account to manage all your financial transactions or receive payments.these payment systems are available for any one anywhere in the world and has a FREE account setup for the personal buy online option .The merchant account option is paid for and can cost from $20-$40/ month or for a year

Once you open the personal buy online account you fund it through wire transfer or through western union money transfer and begin to make use of it. Many of those virtual address systems comes with a lot of exciting packages that help you receive cash payments from your business partners or make payments very easily even with sites you couldn't have been able to ordinarily. Follow the above suggestion and you'll definitely avail the  opportunity.

Step 5: Maintain A Business Attitude

Maintain a business attitude and regard this opportunity as a job you can’t afford to lose as this attitude will help to keep you focused with seriousness to succeed. Remember always that this business opportunity is not a lottery nor is it a slot machine. IT is business and all business demands consistent work and attention. Try to utilize the tools these survey sites offer to improve your success, speed, and overall efficiency, most people hardly you use them. Use them
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