How To Send SEO Money Making Traffic To Your Blogs

Seo Traffic Techniques

OK pals you have a business blog going on and lots of info's and products to sell in them or maybe you have Adsense Money Making as One of your Money Generator setups Your blog has all the bells and whistles but lack this all important JUICE...Traffic then I'm afraid Your blogging will certainly be a WASTE OF TIME but it need not be so here's help for you in this tutorial To help YOU Cause
Traffic Surge to you Starved BLOG-SITE. Here we go

Step one

Ask your friends and families  to help spread your written content on Twitter LinkedIn  Facebook,delicious,Technorati and pinterest by liking and sharing it on those social sites.THESE ARE ALL high traffic SITES with high value SERPS

Spreading Valuable Content on the World Wide Web is important for increasing traffic to your blog or website. I wanted to show you a marketing tactic that works for increasing traffic to your site. And its all FREE targeted traffic   

Convert The Post To Video

Take the same post, any one single post.This will act as your raw material which you will convert into a PowerPoint presentation
Now go Ahead Take that one post  and…Create a PowerPoint Presentation

If you don’t have the PowerPoint software you can use an alternative like
it works like Microsoft office package.Your PowerPoint presentation can be a simple video tutorial on how to get a certain hard task done but it must be in the theme and niche of your money making blog post to yield targeted result.You can post the finished work on high profile high traffic sites and spark up follower ship from it effortlessly

You can create a YouTube video about your blog post – a video that treats a very  needful procedure on how to do a particular thing or solve a particular problem..I Use  Camtasia 8 video software to do just this it is a great software program for this. But its sold for $300. However, it has a 30day trial period which you can harness and use for your purpose

You Can check out on Jing video capture software on It is free and can serve you the same purpose AND you don't need to be very professional at this or if you find you cannot handle the task you can  pay an expert to do just that for you You'll still recover the money invested

Go ahead and submit your video to the following video sharing sites below

  • YouTube
  • Veoh
  • Vimeo
  • DailyMotion
  • vevo
  • flickr(yep!)
  • Break

Put your site info into the Caption to send  traffic to your site,lead capture page or squeeze page as well as give you some seo juice from those high ranking sites you've posted your  video to. From analysis – we've simulatively submitted to 6 different top rank traffic sites to help bring in traffic.Submit to your other blog sites

IF you don’t have any other blogs? then you need to create another one  to share your content. for the sole reason  is to boost your rankings due to high quality backlinks. Higher your ranking – more people will find you in the search engines. But it also works for bringing in more traffic from the blog.

You will  put the same post,video,powerpoint presentation,and audio content all slightly tweaked from the original in their TITLE} on each site this is so so that it wouldn't look like a duplicated content in the eyes of  search engine spiders. WHEN you apply  this method, set up your autopost option on blogger. When you publish a post on blogger, it will automatically send it out to your other websites. Its a nice time saving tecnique.

A Second Effective Way Of Doing What Iv've Just Outlined In The Last Step Above

Another method is to alternate posts for each of your blogs. Consider one of your blog sites to host just videos. Then consider using your powerpoint presentation and post on the other blogs.It will still work effectively but make sure tweak the contents a bit to make them non duplicates so that search engine spiders don't ignore your content and it then becomes a waste of time and effort

Alternate or Automate your posts on different blog sites create blogs  on different blogging platform like

  • Self-hosted domain
  • Posterous
  • Tumbler
  • blogger
  • hubpages

Then signup with directory sites related forums on your niche and then commence to Submit to directory sites'as well as comment in forumn discussions.Always give a well thought out meaningful comment that will add immense value to the discussion and also visit bookmarking sites to do some book marking this is all in line with our main objective which is to generate high quality traffic to our  blog

This part of the stratagem may require a bit more time investment than the rest. because your next step is to spin.It’s time to spin your articles and syndicate your content.

Spinning your articles basically means to paraphrase your article for directory submission purposes.The reason you spin or rephrase is to prevent content duplication

Yes, there is article re-writer software (article spinning) which of course you can consider using for this task. But you need to use a very good one that doesn't end up spinning an unintelligible content that communicates nonsense! one word I have not used them. I spin my articles manually why ? because I have come to know that the best  spinning software you can best use for this purpose without much error is the brain,your very own grey matter

Different directories have different submission guidelines. Don’t feel you need to submit to them all. Pick a couple of good ones, like EzineArticles or ArticleBase, and have a go.

Yes, there is also article submitter tools (that have the capacity to “submit your article to over 700 directories in less than 5 minutes!”). There are good ones out there which can do the job effectively. manual submission can be tiring trust me. Brad Callen especially   has one  which you can avail for free here it is upgradable to a higher level  of submission which attracts a one time fee.The results are rewarding and time saving however.

The idea is to start submitting your linkpost to a few directory and bookmarking sites. Then build from that.

Here is a list of some social bookmarking sites, web 2.0 sites, blog sites, and article directories you can start with:

  • Ezine Articles
  • Article Base
  • Buzzle
  • Mixx
  • StumbleUpon
  • Zoomit
  • Digg
  • Old Dogg
  • Google Buzz
  • Yahoo Buzz
  • Twitter
  • Facebook

Start a networking group with some friends. Where you can help promote each other’s articles on these social bookmarking  directory sites.Create a network with that one post

as you can see with our one post. we have Created links to our site  backlinking which will have a avalanching effect as time passes increasing traffic to our site.

Your Ezine article will link back to your blog transferring juice.The video will link back to your blog transferring its own juice .
The video post from your other blog will also  link to your YouTube account.
And so forth by linking back and forth you create a gigantic web traffic relevant to your blog survival as well as earning you a living through monetizing the flow of traffic using a suitable affiliate program

Publishing one post a week & spreading it on the web in different formats will have a more profound effect on your blog. Than trying to blog everyday without efforts to increase traffic.

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