How To Setup A Money Yeilding Dropshipping Business And Make REAL Profits Doing It

dropshipping Money Maker setup

In this blog you are going toDISCOVER what Dropshipping is all about

HOW To Set it up rightly from start to finish
WHERE to locate Dropshipping companies
LEARN the secret steps utilised to determine which products to sell to make neat tidy profit

How about earning $100,$400, or even $1000 weekly online all from the comfort of your home
or a good cyber cafe witout you having to produce a product of your own, no need to stock inventry,

no upfront investment inventry, no shippig worries all of these all taken care of by the dropshipping
company you work with. all you do is just place orders and they make the supply to your customers.

" Sounds good isn"t it?
"But is it for real"? I Hear you say

The good news is that it is for real and you can improve your income doing it


In a nutshell, Dropshipping is about selling a Dropshipping company's product on the internet
and forwarding the orders for the product to the dropshipping company to supply to your customers.

simple, as a retailer your Dropshipping company offers you a wholesale or factory price for the product
As a seller you offer your selling price which is a little above the factory price to your customers.
"The diference between the factory price and your selling price is the profit you make".


  • Computer with Internet Access (or use the service of cyber cafe')
  • A retailer account from your Dropshipping Company (Free)
  • An Email Account
  • A Journal ( a little book to jot down tidbits, private product Research)
  • A seller website where you can portray you identity of some sort this is important if at all you want to be taken seriously You may opt to integrate your store into amazons trading platform as a third party merchant but you will have to register with amazon open a seller account

Your  need a Business licence and registered business name to set you apart from the pack of drop shippers as well as build some trust in your clients.many of them will certainly view your profile to determine if you possess this particular important qualification. So visit your  local government and apply for a business license.I recommend that you do so before embarking on dropshipping biz.You'll need some little cash about $300.00 to start at least

with all these necessary items gotten confidently begin

First Things First: Determine your Niche market your niche market is that area of specialisation which you intend to start marketing goods in you will determine that through keyword research and by brainstorming for possible niches which you can fill in.I recommend that you venture into a niche that has high profit and less competition so that you can quickly make a profiting headway in your newly setup  biz.YOU can start by choosing any of the evergreen niches of 

Health,Fashion,Food items,Industrial equipment etc then dig into any one of them using keyword ressearch to find a sub niche that you can take over and market to before anyone else discovers it.

keyword research is very important in this business because it affords you the ability to xray a pressing need which people are finding a way to solve then you use the data gotten from the research to find these various people and market a product that solves their problem and make your main starting point would be to determine a niche then a hot product that serves that niche.

After you've done the necessary research and have discovered your your money word you can now search for a hot high quality product supplier a producer not a middleman that you can dropship goods with
How To FindA wholesaler and Producer
Probably  one  of  the  best  ways  of  finding  a 
reputable  dropshipping  supplier  is  through contacting  the  wholesalers  direct,  and asking if they operate a dropshipping service. However,  the  other  way  you  can  find  details 
regarding  reputable  dropshipping  suppliers  is through  the  internet,  and  this  is  probably  much easier  than  having  to  ring  round  hundreds  of different wholesalers. 

First,  the  best  thing  you  can  do  is  search  the internet  using  the  terms  “drop  shipping”, “dropshipping”,  “drop  ship”  or  “dropship”  and include  with  this  the  product  that  you  are interested  in.  Normally  by  doing  this,  you  will find the results that you get are pretty good. eg something like this 'drop ship dog food' presuming that your niche is dog food or 'dropship Dog food' 'dropshipping dog foods or meal' searching with these key word variations is sure to turn out search results that will be favourable to  locate a wholesaler fothe product dog food which you want to start dropshipping

Also,  take  a  look  at  some  of  the  sponsored  links that  you  find  in  the  results  search  pages  that  are offered  up  by  such  sites  as  Google  and  Yahoo as well as related liinks.These  will  often  give  you  a  good  idea  of  some  of the more up to date dropshippers that are around. 

Join  a  dropshipping  forum,  and  there  you  will  be able  to  chat  to  many  like  minded  people  who  can provide  you  with  details  and  information  on  the best  dropshippers  for a  product  that  you  are particularly interested forums are a great place as well as auction trading platforms like ebay  amazon,, are all great places you can come in contact with big wholesale merchants

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