How To Generate A Fast Income Doing Cost Per Action (Part1)

Maybe you've never heard of CPA or maybe you have, it doesn't matter .

Cost Per Action Money makingcpa cash

What I'm going to share with you this time is a sure money making stream.You don't have to walk about the streets looking for a job you can actually do this and profit daily making from as little as $10 a day to as much as $987 
week if you do it right.Not to worry am going to show you a hell lot of tricks to make money out from this lucrative money making stream. 

First Things First:What Is This CPA All About- CPA stands for Cost Per Action and it refers to a type of marketing that usually involves you referring people for companies and in turn, those companies giving you a small payment for each lead. It works like this: You generate traffic from one or more sources which you then send to an offer. The offer is usually for a free trial or free gift that the customer can get by filling out a survey or similar. In most cases, the company that has created the offer requires the customer to opt in or fill out their address before they pay you for that lead. Once they’ve done that, you get your payment. 

Simple! How Much Does It Make? Well, the payment for each lead varies. However, you can usually expect between $1.75 to $6 per lead, depending on what the offer is for instance free trial offers,email submits/zip offers pay $1.75-$2.00 etc. In very competitive markets like the insurance market, there are life cover offers that will pay you up to $35 per lead. However, as I said, these are highly competitive markets and not great if you’re only just starting out on a lower budget.This means You have to go for less competitive markets which I assure You as a Newbie is your best Pick. I go for Email submits and free trial offers as they afford me easy sign ups and 

I BET YOU THOUGH THE PAYMENTS SEEM LESS $1-$4 per lead THEY ARE MORE EASIER TO CONVERT A LEAD ON  THAN THOSE HIGH PAYING  CPA OFFERS which require the lead to give more signup information like credit card info, home address,phone number details and other such Info. 

Below is a short list of CPA companies you can signup right away and start your CPA lead generation campaign.They are as follows


  • CyberBounty
  • DarkBlue
  • eAdvertising
  • FiliNet
  • FineClicks
  • FloppyBank
  • FluxAds 
  • HydraMedia
  • LeadClick
  • LeaderMarkets                                                                                                                                                                                
  • LeadHound         
  • LinkConnector
  • LinkShare
  • MaxBounty
  • ModernClick
  • OffersQuest
  • PaidOnResults
  • Performics
  • PrimaryAds
  • RevenueGateway
  • RevenueLoop
  • RexTopia
  • RocketProfit
  • ShareASale
  • ShareResult

  • WebSite
  • AdFish
  • AdReporting
  • AdterActive
  • AffiliateCop
  • Affiliateer
  • AffiliateFuture
  • AffiliateWindow
  • AzoogleAds
  • BulletAds
  • CheckMyStats
  • ClickBooth
  • ClixGalore
  • CommissionJunction
  • CommissionSoup
  • CPAEmpire
  • CPAJunction
  • CPAStorm

Next on the rung of progress is to sign up with as much as is possible for you to manage.FYI CPA networks tend often to be very difficult in being accepted so yo'll need to apply the following application technique in order to be accepted The first thing you have to do is to get a CPA Network account if you don’t already have one. 

I personally recommend COPEAC, MarketLeverage, MaxBounty ,Clickbooth and 
Commission Junction. They're good. Here’s a quick tip to apply that will help you get accepted to a CPA Network.Just Immediately after your application call them on the phone you will find a contact us link
 you can say to them in this lines

that you've just applied  and sent your  application  to their network and would like to be considered and accepted right away create a positive atmosphere and I sure bet you'll have 99% chance of consideration.See that you do this soon as possible. Conclude by saying you plan to  to start a promotion right away.Note this is like a real job you are applying for here so  make sure that all that you are writing or saying is  real life facts about you and not not a frame up OK?.

They'll usually ask you some questions like:

  •  “How do you intend on promoting our offers?”

Your answer: should be in these lines  currently I mainly use PayPerClick, SEO, Video marketing and some Offline 
Promotion” If you also do article writing and use it to generate traffic just include it in too.

  •  “What offers are you particularly interested to promote?”

You'll answer with 
You plan to promote zip and email submits  and Some survey offers too.”  

Now they usually ask you for a website. In this case you have two ways of convincing them options1  

If you already have an established website give them that, but if you don’t then 

Say that you plan to create a website or blog  for every offer you will promote. You can also say that you'll utilize Offline Promotion to as a strategy to bring in more real leads which if course is what they want.

That should get your account approved.Congratulations you've scaled through the biggest hurdle but it's not over yet we need to now do a bit of research and this will come in the next blog where I 'll show you the simple little tricks we use to generate leads to our email/zip submit offers and thereby earn some cash  just wait to be updated on that.